Liquid metal coatings,
the painted metal skin.

The refinement of various surfaces with precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, etc. has its roots in the long tradition of church restoration. Early on, the masters of sacred works of art recognised the importance of refinement for the visible grandeur of church interiors.

Modern painting methods such as our coating with liquid metals are based on this broad foundation in art history.

A wide variety of metal surfaces are possible: copper, bronze, tin bronze, steel, corten steel, brass, silver, gold and stainless steel and many more. In addition, the precious metal surfaces can be provided with structures, patina or different gloss variants.

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The origin of liquid metal coating lies in mythology

It was Midas from ancient mythology who, in a way, is considered the spiritual father of surface refinement. The legendary king from Phrygia wanted everything he touched to turn to gold. But his greed for the precious metal almost cost him his life: everything turned to gold - including food and drink.

Midas was in danger of dying of thirst and starvation. On divine advice, King Midas bathed in the ancient river Paktolos. The gift of turning everything to gold passed to the river. Thus, this body of water became the most gold-rich river in Asia Minor and the ancient king became the eponym for refined surfaces.

RGO liquid metal coatings - an eye-catching form of surface finishing.

Today, the principle of finishing can be found in a wide variety of industries: in textiles and printing, fashion and design, in the automotive industry or in agricultural technology. Food, rocks and even digital data sets are also refined and thus individually upgraded.

The name RGO (relief granulate surfaces) stands for the refinement of different surfaces. The metallic look and feel, the completely seamless coating and the excellent adhesive properties are a very special form of surface finishing. Liquid metal coating is also an excellent alternative to PVD coating.

Liquid metal coatings for architecture, space and interior design

Only metallic coatings are used in the RGO process: copper, bronze, brass, aluminium, iron, stainless steel and various mixed alloys are applied in several layers - depending on the nature and requirements of the corresponding substrate.

Plastics, wood, iron and composite panels are suitable for finishing. Mineral surfaces such as granite and marble, terracotta and coloured sandstone, concrete, gypsum and plaster but also fibreglass are also excellent suitable substrate materials for relief granulate surfaces.

Our metal surfaces can be used seamlessly for a wide variety of shapes and elements and are therefore suitable for architecture, but also for any kind of interior design and living space design.

Our high-end surfaces are ideal for use in areas where lightweight construction is required, but a noble and high-quality appearance is still important or desired. Many of our real metal surfaces have already been installed in luxury yachts. Here are a few examples of elaborately manufactured stair railings with various metal surfaces.

Relief granulate surfaces (RGO) at a glance

  • Process technologies developed in-house
  • for all substrates that can be coated
  • Individual surface design
  • seamless and flawless real metal skin
  • natural look and feel
  • electronic shielding

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Liquid metal surfaces - detailed and precise

Finished surfaces look confusingly similar to the original.

A common example from practice: a bare iron door is attached to a wooden door frame for structural reasons. The customer's wish: the same appearance of the bare iron door and the wooden door frame. In addition, the wooden frame should "age", i.e. rust patina should develop on the frame - as on the iron door - in the course of time.

The sophisticated process technology of liquid metal coating makes this possible! And much more: surfaces made of bronze become greenish and brownish like the original. Aluminium applications turn white-grey over time, copper coatings dark brown. And in the case of iron surfaces, a rusty patina develops.

The secret of the first-class texture and structure of the surface lies both in the professional lacquering and in the appropriate pre-treatment. Only if the substrate is prepared accordingly can a long-lasting coating be guaranteed. With our many years of experience in the field of corrosion protection coatings for steel, iron and aluminium, we are able to create a high-quality structure for all substrates. This is the only way to ensure that the refined workpieces have a permanently adhering real metal skin.

Achtung Symbol

RGO surfaces are real metal surfaces - the base without protective lacquer is real metal -  depending on the specification, brass, bronze, copper etc... Surface irregularities, machining marks in the metal naturally deviate from homogeneous colour appearance depending on the type of treatment. Among other things, edge zones and boundary images can change colour in the continuous quantity due to processing at connection points and edges. Thus, patination also has a living character. The surfaces are mostly worked by hand and do not represent defects in an irregular sheen and appearance, but thus the metallising character is given. In corners, edges and running out connection points, sanding, patinating and polishing deviations to the entire surface are visible.