Design surfaces with metal coatings

Individual and freely configurable surface design and seamless design surfaces with RGO liquid metal coatings

Our RGO liquid metal coatings offer completely new and free design and shape possibilities. Imagine being able to cover every conceivable object with a thin skin of precious metal, absolutely seamless and without patterning. You as a designer, artist or architect have absolute freedom of design, in interior design as well as for art objects or in facade construction.

We have experimented a great deal with our RGO liquid metal coatings and now have over 500 different patterned surfaces. The metallic surfaces can also be mixed or combined with other materials from our range, such as RGO concrete or slate. With our design surfaces, you are completely free to choose the form, appearance and feel. From rough, grainy, wavy, light structure, hard structure to velvety soft - in the surface structure we can fulfill almost every wish.

Interface design from experience

The only prerequisite for your new design is that the substrate can be painted. Everything that can be painted can also be coated and finished with RGO liquid metals. Shape, size and weight play only a secondary role. If the design object to be coated has to be refined in our premises for certain reasons, we will take care of the complete logistics.   Otherwise, the coating can also be carried out on your premises.

Due to our many years of experience in the field of surface technology, we can influence the natural aging of metal surfaces. Sometimes this effect is desired, for example to "freeze" a certain rust effect or a rust look and sometimes exactly the opposite brings the optical attraction. A bronze-coated entrance portal, which could never be produced with real bronze, let alone mounted, due to its own weight, should behave over the years like real bronze and with time it should get a slight discoloration or patina. Since we use real bronze or metals for our coatings, the natural aging process is also carried out. Basically, the entrance protal is made of bronze, but not of solid material.

New ideas for design, art and architecture

If the advantages of coating are transferred to the fields of art, architecture and interior design, new ideas in design and creation can emerge.

Projects that could not be realized due to statics or weight or the high costs are within reach with RGO liquid metal coatings.

Materials that can be refined with RGO liquid metals:

  • Metals, like iron, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Plastics, Styrofoam, Corian
  • Wood and wood-based materials, such as composite boards (these are mostly used by us for the patterns)
  • mineral surfaces, such as granite, marble, terracotta, mottled sandstone, concrete, plaster, plasterboard and gypsum fiberboard
  • Glass
  • Fiber Glass

Design surfaces for luxury yachts and exclusive store fitting

In the meantime we have made a name for ourselves in the field of design surfaces and have developed an exclusive clientele. We refine objects in interior design for luxury yachts, villas and for extravagant design stores. To protect the privacy of our customers, the objects in this area are not published.

You are welcome to visit our showroom. Call us or send us an e-mail and arrange a visit today. Here we can also talk about your specific requirements and design wishes. Please let us know in advance which subject area you are interested in so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly.