Copper surfaces or liquid metal coating with copper.

The reddish colour of copper is unmistakable. But it is not only the colour of copper surfaces that is exceptional, but also its properties. Copper has proven antibacterial properties and is therefore also suitable as a surface protection for objects.

Especially highly frequented contact surfaces that cannot always be cleaned immediately, such as door handles, light switches, banisters on stairs or grab handles on buses and trains, can be easily and quickly coated with a copper surface. Bacteria that come into direct contact with copper die within a short time. Dangerous germs or viruses can spread less easily and the risk of infection can be significantly reduced. In addition, surfaces coated with copper have a long service life and are easy to clean.

Apart from their functional importance, copper surfaces are simply beautiful. Depending on the treatment, copper surfaces can be produced in different qualities. Different gloss levels from matt to shiny are possible, as well as structured surfaces. If desired, the patina that naturally develops on copper surfaces can be permanently fixed at a certain level. RGO liquid metal coatings with copper can be applied to all substrates that can be painted.

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