Bronze patinated window and door element for renovated industrial halls

Old industrial halls are to serve as art galleries and event locations in the future and are therefore being completely renovated. However, the industrial character of the building's heyday is to be preserved. In order to emphasize the historical appearance, a heavy two-winged entrance portal with a large window element made of steel profiles was additionally installed as a visual accent. We coated the windows and the doors with architectural bronze. Subsequently, the bronze surface was refined by a patina.

The decorative liquid metal coating in bronze was carried out using a wet paint process. Beforehand, the steel construction elements were pre-treated according to the requirements and provided with a professional corrosion protection. Since the coating is real bronze, but only in a very thin layer thickness, it also behaves like solid bronze. The natural aging effect of the patina is clearly visible and will continue over time due to weather and environmental influences. If this effect is not desired, this process can be influenced or stopped.

More bronze or architectural bronze finishes?

You would like to see more bronze surfaces (bronze patinated, bronze burnished, bronze light or dark, ...), the following link will take you to our sample page for architectural bronze / bronze surfaces. All surfaces can be used for windows, door elements, facades, panels or profiles, even organic shapes are possible due to our special coating process. The liquid metal coating with bronze can be applied seamlessly to all paintable substrates.

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