RGO liquid metal coatings, a product of the Lehner company

There is a "superficial" connection between King Midas and the refining professional Lehner - both literally and figuratively.

King Midas had the gift of making all the gold he touched become gold. We, the Lehner paint shop, have the right process technologies with our RGO liquid metal coatings to refine all paintable substrates with a metal skin - to the delight of our customers and in the sense of increasing value. A true story about refinement of the most diverse surfaces in the present.

High-end surface coating

At our company headquarters in Fürstenzell in Lower Bavaria (Passau district), high-end surface coatings such as real metal coatings, liquid metal coatings (liquid metal) and refine all paintable surfaces with a metallic look and feel.

We have refined and deepened the RGO application to perfection with numerous in-house developments. Refined refinement so to speak! The innovative production process for surface refinement with precious metals (metal skin) impresses with absolute homogeneity and brilliance. Meanwhile we are able to produce concrete surfaces or slate surfaces with the same quality characteristics.

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If you have any questions about our real metal coating, real metal surfaces or liquid metal coatings, please call us or send us an e-mail. We will be pleased to help you. +49 8502 9173-0


Masterly and luxurious surface refinement - for very different customers

Our family business has been in existence since 1989 and can therefore draw on over 30 years of experience. We offer a wide range of masterly refinement and luxury surfaces with sophisticated process technologies and individual surface design. Among our numerous customers are designers and outfitters for luxury yachts, shop fitters, hotels and restaurants, specialist companies for the renovation of old buildings and churches, architects, joineries and the construction industry in general.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Despite modernity and growth, we have never ignored the environmental aspect. Thanks to our exemplary environmental protection measures, we were the first environmentally friendly paint shop in Lower Bavaria to receive an award from DEKRA years ago.

Our environment is close to our hearts, which is why we invest several thousand euros every year in order to ensure that environmental protection and sustainability continue to have the appropriate priority in the future.

Your contact persons for RGO liquid metal coatings

Thomas Lehner

Thomas Lehner

Management/ Sales

Tel: +49 8502 9173-0

Thomas Lehner jun.

Thomas Lehner Jun.

Management/ Sales

Tel: +49 8502 9173-0

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RGO surfaces are real metal surfaces, the basis without protective lacquer is real metal depending on the specification, brass, bronze, copper etc... Surface irregularities, processing traces in the metal naturally deviate from homogeneous colour image phenomena depending on the type of treatment. Among other things, edge zones and boundary images can change colour in the continuous quantity due to the treatment at junctions and edges. Thus, patination also has a lively character. The surfaces are mostly processed by hand and their irregular gloss and appearance do not represent defects, but rather the metallizing character is given. In corners, edges and tapered junctions, grinding, patination and polishing deviations from the entire surface are visible.