Coating of extruded profiles with real metals

All profiles that can be painted, whether aluminium, wood, plastic or steel, can be coated with a skin of real metal to provide an adhesion-resistant coating.

With our RGO process we coat or paint all extruded profiles and profile strips of all kinds with precious metals. The carrier material is not important. No matter whether aluminium, wood, plastic or steel, all profiles that can be painted can be coated with precious metals to make them adhere. This results in completely new design elements and unlimited application possibilities.

Ideas and examples for the use of coated profiles

  • Window profiles in corten steel
  • Aluminium profile frame for door elements in rust look
  • Wooden doors in patinated bronze for an antique look
  • Steel frames in champagne colour, ground in one stroke and high gloss
  • Door frame made of wood in the look of hot-rolled steel
  • Facade elements made of aluminium or sheet metal in iron-raised look

Unlimited possibilities with RGO liquid metal coatings

Profiles and construction elements that have to be installed in solid and high-strength materials for structural reasons can appear optically "lighter", finer or more peppy with our RGO Liquid Metal Coatings metal coatings, concrete or slate surfaces. And, of course, the other way round, when lightweight construction or lightweight concrete is required, we can set optical accents that would not be feasible in terms of statics or   structural engineering.

The RGO coatings can be applied very thinly to various components or profile strips. Basically everything can be coated that can also be painted. Here are a few examples where our real metal coatings are used.

  • Sliding glass elements for patio doors
  • Plastic or aluminium profiles for windows
  • Doorframes and door leaves made of solid material
  • Aluminium profiles for shop fitting or exhibition stand construction
  • Steel structures for glass facades
  • Facade elements made of aluminium, sheet metal or steel

The shape of the profile is not important. Basically all shapes of profiles can be processed and coated.

  • Trapezoidal profiles
  • Corrugated profiles
  • Cassette profiles
  • Sandwich profiles
  • Square or rectangular profiles
  • Round tube or rod profiles
  • U-, T-, H-, L-profiles
  • Extruded profiles

The RGO liquid metal surfaces are based on a wet paint coating process that we have further developed. This enables us to produce very thin layers. Sealing joints for window or door profiles   are not affected. All profiles can be used and processed as before. However, it should be noted that the surface structure changes or becomes harder due to the precious metals. Our concrete and slate surfaces are then a real cement stone surface. This must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate tool.

Extruded profiles Pattern

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