Surface finishing with brass

Our surface finishing with brass is based on wet paint, hence the name liquid metal coating. The surface is not simulated but real brass is applied. This gives us the possibility to coat organic or floral shapes in addition to straight and flat surfaces, and to do so seamlessly without a visible seam. For example, a gold-colored tree could be created.

Due to our many years of experience in the painting technique, we can tint the brass surfaces with different color nuances. Thus, the brass can appear more yellowish, reddish or golden. The surface qualities range from matt, shiny, high-gloss, to patinated, burnished to structured or polished. Of course, the finishes can also be mixed to create a high-gloss textured brass surface.

Our brass surfaces can be used for facade components, extruded profiles for doors, windows, trade fair and store components, but also more filigree elements such as lampshades. Often our surfaces are used in interior design for yachts, by outfitters for the hotel and restaurant industry, by designers, artists and architectural offices.

Textured gold brass surface

At the newly designed Arichv of the future in Lichtenfels two willow trees made of steel were installed. A mega project, planned by the architect Peter Haimerl and manufactured by Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH. As project partner we had to carry out the surface coating with a gold-brass lacquer. Of course all steel construction elements were pretreated accordingly: Sandblasting, priming, corrosion protection coating (only in german available).

A surface coating with bronze, copper or other precious metals was also possible.

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Too few brass finishes?

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