Architectural bronze / bronze surfaces

Here you can see an excerpt from our bronze or architectural bronze surfaces. Depending on the processing phase, our bronze surfaces can have very different surface qualities. The processing options for bronze, as for all other RGO surfaces, are extremely versatile. The most common surface finish for bronze surfaces is patinated (also often referred to as burnished).

As the RGO liquid metal coating is a genuine bronze surface, the ageing process is continued by normal environmental influences. A natural patina develops. However, we also have the possibility to "freeze" the bronze surface with a certain quality status without affecting the natural appearance.

Bronze coating is done on a wet paint basis, hence the name liquid metal coating. Our coating process is excellently suited for window elements, door elements or façade components. However, organic shapes can also be seamlessly coated with bronze through the lacquering without any problems.

Building bronze project for renovated building

Our latest project for real metal coating will be leaving our painting halls in the next few days. To maintain the industrial character of a renovated and modernised building, we were allowed to coat the entrance portal (doors and windows) made of steel profiles with architectural bronze.

The decorative liquid metal coating in bronze was carried out using a wet paint process. The natural ageing effect of the patina is clearly visible and will continue over time due to weather and environmental influences. Since the coating is real bronze, but only in a very thin layer thickness, it also behaves like solid bronze. This is expressly desired in this project. If this effect is not desired, we can influence the natural ageing process of bronze accordingly or even stop it completely.

A surface coating with brass, copper or other precious metals is also possible.

Bronze surfaces for window, door and Facade profiles

Too few bronze or architectural bronze surfaces?

Do you think we have not included enough samples for our bronze/building bronze surfaces? Or perhaps you already have a specific inquiry? Then give us a call, or better still, send us an e-mail, so that we can take a close look at your inquiry and send you appropriate feedback. You can find the contact information via the following link.

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