Copper coatings, the surface protection with antibacterial effect

Copper has proven antibacterial properties. Our real metal coatings with copper can reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

The Corona pandemic has made us aware of the importance of creating a hygienic environment. We touch hundreds of different objects with our hands every day without thinking about any viruses or bacteria. Basically this is not a problem either, our body has enough antibodies or defence mechanisms to compensate for this. Basically! However, the past weeks have proven that our own immune system is not sufficient to fight all viruses. So it would generally be better to use materials or surfaces that reduce the spread of viruses.

Copper has proven to have antibacterial properties. Bacteria that are in direct contact with copper die within a short time. Dangerous germs or viruses can therefore spread less easily and the risk of infection can be significantly reduced.

New innovative product development

Self-disinfecting breathing masks

  • Mouth and nose protection made of cotton with antibacterial copper coating
  • Still breathable, due to special fabric coating technology
  • Adhesion resistance of the coating ensures a long service life
  • Special case enables aseptic storage, e.g. in a trouser pocket
  • Cleaning by hand wash possible
  • Currently two colour variants possible: anthracite and copper

Ideal as personal protective equipment for police, fire brigade, rescue services, local and long-distance passenger transport and for many other occupational groups that come into contact with different people.

Stay healthy, we will help you!

"Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 applied to stainless steel or plastic was still active for up to three days, on copper it took only 4 hours for the virus to become inactive. Copper is also effective against influenza viruses: in contrast to stainless steel, only a minimal number of viruses survived after six hours".


The most important properties of RGO copper surfaces

  • anti-bacterial features
  • long durability
  • easy cleaning
  • suitable for all paintable substrates
  • easy and quick to use
  • 99% copper content

RGO liquid metal coating with copper

With our RGO liquid metal coating, copper can be applied with an antibacterial effect to all paintable materials or substrates. The copper coating can be applied by painting with spray cans or rollers as a metal colour mixture and adapts seamlessly to the existing material. RGO copper coatings consist of 99 % pure copper particles. The thinly applied coating has properties comparable to those of solid copper and is already being used in various applications.

  • Umbrella handles
  • Door handles
  • Window handles
  • Handrails for stair railings
  • Light switches
  • Handles in bus and train

Copper coatings have a very long service life and have therefore also been used for a long time as protection for ship hulls. The so-called antifouling coating with copper prevents the deposition of algae in a lasting and extremely effective way and this for years. Conventional antifouling coatings usually only last for one season and are very harmful to the environment.