Metallic surface coating at the highest level.

Liquid metal coatings with individual surface design.

Flawless metal on a variety of substrates.

Natural look and feel through a seamless metal skin.

Relief Granulate Surfaces (RGO) are
liquid metal coatings - a jointless metal skin.


Self-disinfecting respiratory masks

With a newly developed coating technology, we can now coat materials containing copper and thus produce self-disinfecting breathing masks. The proven antibacterial and antiviral effect of copper kills viruses and bacteria extremely quickly. With a special case, the coated breathing mask can be stored sterilely in a trouser pocket, a ladies' handbag or in a first-aid kit.

Ideal as personal protective equipment for police, fire brigade, rescue services, local and long-distance passenger transport and for many other occupational groups that come into contact with different people.

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Copper coatings with antibacterial effect

Copper has a proven antibacterial property. In times of Covid-19 the RGO copper coating is a helpful support to reduce germs and viruses. Especially on highly frequented elements like door handles in office buildings, hospitals, etc. the risk of infection can be reduced.

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Antibacterial copper coating for door handles
Elaborately decorated banister in light brass

Liquid Metal Coatings

With our Relief Granulate Surfaces (RGO) we refine all paintable surfaces with a thin metal skin. This allows the most diverse elements or objects to be seamlessly coated with precious metals.

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PVD coating Alternative

For optical surface refinements, please note that liquid metal coating is an interesting alternative to cost-intensive PVD coating.

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Lampshade with liquid metal coating

Samples for our surfaces

Here you will find a small range of our sample surfaces with different metals (bronze, copper, brass, tin and special surfaces) and finishing effects such as patina or high gloss lacquers.

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