Metallic surface coating at the highest level.

Liquid metal coatings with individual surface design.

Flawless metal on a variety of substrates.

Natural look and feel through a seamless metal skin.

Midas and Lehner - a ‘superficial’ connection

There is a ‘superficial’ connection between King Midas and the refinement professionals Lehner - in the truest sense of the word, as well as metaphorically.

King Midas from Asia Minor had the knack of turning everything he touched into gold - as a result of pure greed and avarice. It’s a wonderful story about refinement in antiquity.

Lehner, from the district of Passau in Lower Bavaria, has the right process technology to refine (almost) everything, to plate with a type of metal skin - to the delight of our customers and in terms of added value. This is a true story about refining many different surfaces in the present day.

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» Liquid metal coating
» Surface coating
» Special coating

Surface refinement - a process with a mythical character

Midas was in danger of dying of thirst and starvation. Following divine advice, King Midas went to bathe in the ancient Pactolus river. The craving to turn everything to gold spread out over the river. This is how this stretch of water became the most gold-rich river in Asia Minor and the ancient king became the eponym for refined surfaces: Midas surfaces.

Refining surfaces with precious metals (bronze, gold, silver, ...)

Refining different surfaces, amongst other things, with precious metals such as gold, silver etc., has its roots in the long tradition of church restoration. Early on, the masters of sacred works of art recognised the significance of refinement for the visible grandeur of church spaces. Modern refinement methods such as or hand-made metal coatings are based on this broad foundation of art history. Many different metal surfaces can be worked with: Sanded and polished bronze, stained bronze, sanded gold, polished gold, sanded and polished brass, and many more.

Hand-made genuine metals coatings - an obvious form of added value

Today, you can find the principle of refinement in a wide variety of different business sectors: in the textile and printing industry, in agriculture, and botany. Food, stones and even digital datasets are subject to refinement as well, and thus an increase in value. The name RGO (coating resin surfaces) stands for refining differing surfaces. The metallic look and feel, the utterly seamless coating and the outstanding adhesive properties are an obvious form of added value.   

Liquid metal coating for architecture, space and residential design

Only metallic coatings are used in the RGO process: Copper, bronze, brass, aluminium, iron, stainless steel and different mixed alloys are applied in several layers - depending on the quality of and requirement for the respective basecoat. Plastic, wood, iron and bonded panels are suitable for refinement. Even mineral surfaces such as granite and marble, terracotta and red sandstone, concrete and plaster are great carrier materials for coating resin surfaces.

These liquid metal and genuine metal coatings can be used seamlessly for many different shapes and elements, and are therefore suited to architecture as well as to interior finishing and residential design.


If you have any questions about our genuine metal coatings, genuine metal surfaces or liquid metal coatings, give us a call. We will be happy to help. +49 8502 9173-0

The highest quality metallic surface coating

The Lehner Paint Shop in Fürstenzell in Lower Bavaria offers genuine metal coatings, liquid metal coatings, as well as refinement of surfaces with a metallic look and feel to the highest specification. The renowned business close to the three river town of Passau has refined and advanced RGO application to perfection with numerous in-house developments. You could say it’s refined refinement! The innovative finishing method for surface refinement with metal (metal skin) impresses thanks to its total uniformity and sparkle.

Relief-granulated surfaces by Lehner – detailed and precise

Lehner goes above and beyond: refined surfaces look like a carbon copy of the original.

Here’s a common example from real life: A bare iron door is attached to a wooden doorframe for structural reasons. The customer wanted the same look as the bare iron door and the wooden doorframe. In addition, the wooden frame should ‘age’, this means rust patina should emerge on the frame over time - like on the iron door. Lehner’s sophisticated process technology makes this possible! And there’s much more: Bronze surfaces go green-tinged and brownish-coloured like the original. Aluminium applications go dark grey over time, copper coatings go dark brown. In the case of iron surfaces, just a rusty-coloured patina appears.

The secret of first-class boundary layer quality and structure is in the professional layering method and in appropriate pre-treatment. With this precise method, Lehner can, for instance, adapt refined workpieces to anodised window frames in a way that looks beautiful. A flawless genuine metal skin of the highest quality.

Expert, luxurious refinement - for a wide variety of customers

Lehner offers a wide range of services including expert refinement and luxury surfaces. Our many customers include shopfitters, hotels and guesthouses, specialist building refurbishment and church restoration companies, joineries and the building trade in general. Lehner also offers the full product range in small quantities, that are directly available to end customers during operation.


If you have any questions about our genuine metal coatings, genuine metal surfaces or liquid metal coatings, give us a call. We will be happy to help. +49 8502 9173-0

RGO at a glance

  • RGO= Coating resin surfaces
  • Metallic coatings (copper, bronze, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, iron)
  • A huge number of different carrier materials
    (Plastic, wood, stone, iron, bonded panels, granite, marble, terracotta, red sandstone, concrete, plaster amongst other things)
  • Process technology developed in-house
  • Customised surface design
  • Flawless genuine metal skin
  • Natural look and feel
  • Electron shielding
  • Many years of experience
  • A family business since 1989
Achtung Symbol

RGO surfaces are real metal surfaces, the base without protective varnish is real metal depending on the specification, brass, bronze, copper, etc ... Surface irregularities, machining marks in the metal naturally differ according to the type of treatment of homogeneous color images. Among other things, edge zones and boundary images can change in color as a result of processing at connection points and edges in the preceding quantity. Thus, a patination has a lively character. The surfaces are largely worked by hand and do not present any defects in an irregular gloss and appearance, but with it the metallizing character is given. In corners, edges and leaky junctions, grinding, patination and polishing deviations are visible to the entire surface.

Relief-granulated surfaces, a product by the paint shop Lehner in Fürstenzell, in the district of Passau

We are a business focused on high-performance, with its head office in Fürstenzell, near Passau. In the last few years, our customer-focused, professional and reliable work has enabled us to grow into one of the most successful specialist painting companies. To be able to offer our customers a comprehensive service, we have expanded our range on a continuous basis. Our business has state-of-the-art equipment, highly-trained staff and large capacities to meet the stringent requirements of our many private and commercial customers. On our company site on Herzog-Heinrich-Straße, we can show you how determined we are to deliver high quality, reliability and great customer service.

Even though we’ve upgraded our equipment, we haven’t forgotten about our commitment to the environment. Advanced environmental protection measures mean that we are the first environmentally-friendly paint shop in Lower Bavaria. We invest several thousands of euros each year, as protecting the environment continues to be one of our top priorities.


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Ingrid Lehner

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